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New RH Minecraft Server

We are glad to announce that the Linux Users Group is sponsoring the official campus-wide Minecraft server.
The server is now ready for use by normal players. Feel free to join our Discord server for all updates regarding the server! If you are interested in the internals of how the server works, check out some of the repositories of the LUG GitHub page.


We maintain a Wiki for people using Linux at Rose-Hulman along with other general Linux information.


To access our physical machines, you have to use Rose-Hulman's SSL VPN. This will also allow to access on-campus only resources from off campus. You can do this under Linux. For more info, please visit our Wiki by clicking on the button below:

Physical/Virtual Machines

In the future, we will have a general use Linux machine for people to run stuff on, along with bare metal servers as well as virtual machines that people can request. Visit our Wiki page for updated information.


The objective of the Rose-Hulman Linux Users Group is to introduce alternative operating systems to anyone interested; to provide hardware and software to allow people to learn from each other; to support members of the Rose-Hulman community with issues related to Free and Open Source Software; to encourage the use of Free Software and Open Standards; and to inform and discuss advancements in computing technology.

If you would like more information, or if you want to stay up to date on our club is doing, please join our Telegram group by clicking below:


Questions or want more information about us? Please join the Matrix or Telegram groups and DM one of the officers (which are mods on the Matrix or Telegram server), or contact the current President listed here by finding his/her email.